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Upcoming 1.2 Update and Catch Up

A look at what is coming up and a catch up on what has been happening over the past few months.

1.0 Release Information

A quick devlog answering some questions about 1.0 and it's imminent release.

Update on the delays for 0.9.0

Things have slowed temporarily, here is a quick update as to why that has happened.

Disruptions over this weekend

A little update on what happened this evening (18th June)

The final 0.9.0 devlog.. Maybe

Hopefully this will be the final devlog covering 0.9.0 and the next one will be covering the next update!

General Update, All the new 0.9.0 Features and Beta 6 news

Some changes are coming to the way a number of core STKP features work. All in the name of performance!

Progress update on 0.9.0

Quick update on progress with 0.9.0 development and testing!

Feature creep is real - 30th May

So one more feature heading for 0.9.0-beta.2.. Last one, I promise..

Another dev log for 0.9.0 May 28th

Fingers crossed this will be the last update on development work before the 0.9.0 release goes public. Throughout today (27th May) will be the planned distribution of a test build to Patrons and Testers, and this dev log will explain more about Data Centre, and how it will work. There is also more detail on the native mobile/tablet app development.

0.9.0 Devlog for 24th May

Map annotation and internal testing update for the 0.9.0 release!

0.9.0 Update for Sunday

Another quick update on 0.9.0 progress, more UI adjustments and usability changes!

Dev update for 0.9.0 - 20th May

A quick update on the progress of the incoming 0.9.0 update!

0.9.0 and STKP Update

Its been quite a while so it is time for a little update on why it has been so quiet and what is coming in 0.9.0.

0.9.0 Development Log

An update on development towards the 0.9.0 milestone release of SimToolkitPro and an idea of when to expect it!

Holidays Update 2021

It has been quite a year, so we'll quickly go over some development details and what's currently being worked on then we'll have a look to the next 12 months for STKP!

October Development Update

So if you have been following on discord recently you will know I've been unwell which has slowed me down a bit. I'll not go into details of the where, what and why. During the down time there has been a lull in development but it hasn't stopped completely. I'm going to quickly go over everything that's been updated so far along with things that are still in progress for the next update.

First Devlog and an Announcement!

Welcome to the new Devlog! This will be a place I log the work that is happening and planned on SimToolkitPro and keep the messaging consistent across all platforms!