SimToolkitPro v0.3.19 is here! Download Now

The above new live map will show all SimToolkitPro powered flights. This is powered by the new Flight Planner, Logbook and scheduling system. Amongst a MASSIVE patch list of changes, updates and quality of life improvements!

A write up post on the changes will follow, but for now get flying :)

SimToolkitPro v0.2.11 is here.

Adding flight dispatching and a load of fixes, grab the latest version!

All about SimToolkitPro v0.2.9

0.2.9 brings many new features so check out the article on it here - 0.2.9 Release Article

Check out the download page to get started. This is an early access product, it will be regularly updated. Support will be provided through the Support Discord where you can chat to me directly.

Read more below to see what is currently available with much more planned and coming soon!

Real Weather Injector and Approach Detection

Customisable weather system along with a Real Weather Injector incorporating Winds aloft and Turbulence. Additionally you can disable updating of weather on approach where sudden weather reloads can be dangerous.

Landing Training

Approach practice tool with instant custom setup and landing reports. Setup any approach type, straight final, vectors, base and downwind at any runway and airport in the world. Moments after touchdown received a report of the landing with touchdown data, graphs of aircraft telelmetry and a replay mode.

Live Data, Planning and SimBrief

Load your latest flight plan from SimBrief and view a fully parsed route with all waypoints mapped. Overlaying onto a live map that shows your aircraft location, rain radar information and winds. Retreive live METAR and tune to ATIS for any airport you are at with automated ATIS generation and text to speech.


Tools for streaming with OBS/Streamlabs OBS including live map output with route overlay. A set of custom text file outputs for data to power your own overlay. Or why not use the predesigned customisable SimToolkitPro overlay, with everything you could need including flight plan data, speed and location information and ETE.


Full airport database with maps, runway information, frequency information and real time weather reports.

Network Flying

View flights from VATSIM, IVAO and PilotEdge on the live map or with the dedicated network viewer. Soon you will also be able to view online ATC and coverage maps for online controllers too!