What a month.. Big updates, and future additions!

So November has been super, super busy. We’ve seen the new UI, new welcome screen, in app browser, support for the Flight Factor A320 EFB and the awesome WebFMC plugin. We are now on the X-plane.org community site which has helped grow the user base exponentially. We also have replay playback within the report window… Read More »

Big changes and updates! – Nov 1

Big changes afoot, there have been so many updates this past week I’ve almost lost count of the patches. Most recently we got listed on the X-Plane.org community site – https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48027-simtoolkitpro/ Secondly, there is now support for the popular WebFMC plugin for X-Plane too, here it is in action. To enable this, install the plugin and… Read More »

Big Update – Oct 18

So its been a little while since the last update on here, but there are still being patches pushed. Most recently is the addition of “Circuit mode”. Previously the landing recorder would have require you to come to a complete stop on the runway before producing your report. Now if you are doing circuit training,… Read More »

UI Improvements in &Upcoming Changes

Hey all, today’s update brings a fairly sizeable overhaul of the UI for the airport database, chart viewer and incoming weather system. The plan is to make more use of the docking system and slimming down the Airport DB system to make it more user friendly. Both the weather and airport database now occupy side… Read More »

June 2018 Update – 0.1.24 – Back on Track

Hey all, I posted a more long winded update on the Discord and I’ll post a shortened tl;dr here. Unfortunately life happening halted the development of SimToolkitPro earlier last year, I’ve managed to get most of that in order now so I can return to development pretty much full time on it. This update, which… Read More »

Delayed update and https! – 13th Feb

Hey guys, Apologies for the wait time on this I’ve been decidedly unwell of late so haven’t been able to keep up with the update/patching schedule I’d set myself. I’m hoping to return this to normal in the next few weeks. Also there could be some SSL bugs as the new HTTPS certificate is setup.… Read More »

Jan 23rd – Alpha 1 Progress

Update time. At time of writing Alpha 1 is on build 11 ( The changes from initial release are quite drastic, including a reworked Airport Database, the new “record this” function and the addition of STAR approaches. The feedback in Discord has been fantastic and has helped rapidly updating the build and getting some critical… Read More »