0.9.0 Development Log

2 years ago

Welcome to 2022! Here is a quick development update on the next major update. 0.9.0 will contain a number of fixes for bugs that have surfaced from the Automate bug reporting system along with the follow major updates.

Integrated ticket and support system into the website and client

The current ticket system will be replaced with a bespoke system that ties into the STKP client and will attach bug reports to your account and allow a 2 way dialog for issues that require it!

The STKP client also contains a new alert system that will allow realtime updates of ticket status to be sent to the client too!

Sync Engine v3 for data backup

The current system that live-syncs your data to the STKP database is working great but has a couple of shortcomings. These have become more obvious as STKP usage has blown through 65000 registered users so it needs some changes.

The planned new system will reduce redundant API calls and improve the integrity of data syncing up and down allowing for remote data changes to be pushed to the client.

Friend and Profile system changes

There are a growing number of API calls made when STKP is used so there are plans to consolidate repeated client calls to reduce server load at busier times. 

This update will contain the usual plethora of package updates, bug fixes and the like as well. The plan is to have this update live by the end of January, early February at the latest.  There may be another incremental update for 0.8.x in the interim if there is a requirement for it!

Patreon Updates

The Patreon tiers have been changed slightly and I will be adding more integrations and tier rewards over the next couple of months. If you have ideas for perks you'd like to see added let me know!


Hope you are all flying plenty in the new year! 

Dan <3

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