Holidays Update 2021

2 years ago

Support & Tickets

This was covered in some detail on the Discord ( so i'll not go into more detail here. The ticket solution wasn't living upto expectations and had a number of teething issues. As such I'm close to being able to release the custom ticket system.

This new ticket system is linked with the SimToolkitPro client too so you will receive ticket update notifications in there too!

The bug reporting system will soon create tickets in this system allowing personal feedback on reported bugs. I'm hoping this will allow a faster and more targetted way to approach fixing issues. We will soon see!

Client Updates

Again for reasons detailed on the Discord, the client development slowed a bit later in this year, but is now ramping back up. Current focuses are existing bugs as usual, then improving optimisation. There is a potential to see the 1.0 release early next year as SimToolkitPro is relatively "Feature Complete". The core functionality I wanted there is now there and its just making sure that the user experience is upto expectations!

Being close to feature complete doesn't mean no more new features. I've still got some exciting features to explore and hopefully bring to you all next year too as well as changes to the social elements.

The recently added streaming overlay designer will be seeing some updates and additional media types being added as well as some UI issues being resolved.

The Mobile App

I had previously shown some images from a native Android app. Well thats still coming along, currently there is a lot of work being done on the web API (which i'll touch on shortly) and that has been holding up the mobile app work. I've also acquired an old(ish) macbook pro that I can begin to look into the iOS development side of things with too. So whilst there isn't much to report on this, it's still in the works.


Arguably the core of SimToolkitPro as seen by the recent few hours of downtime. The API is being overhauled and this is a big task, im having to work with ensuring support for older versions of SimToolkitPro too (some people are still on 0.6.x and older) so it is delicate process but it is going well. Additionally i've removed some of the dependancy on the API from SimToolkitPro itself to improve its stability if there are network or connectivity issues. The best example of this is you should now (as of 0.8.7) be able to plan a flight through SimBrief even if the API is offline.

There are other changes being made to open up more functionality to the client too and I'm hoping to see ticket management in there soon too.

That about covers it all, feel free to hop into the Discord and get any clarification needed. I'm now going to start some christmas shopping and polish up the 0.8.8 release, I hope to see you all in the skies over the holidays!

Dan <3

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