Pushing SimToolkitPro Forward

SimToolkitPro may be developed and maintained by one person, but as a wider project it couldn't happen without the support of numerous people and entities in the simulation and aviation world. These relationships help reinforce the high product quality of SimToolkitPro in many ways. You can read about them below!


Navigraph are the top provider of charts and navigation data for simulation use. Since October 2019 Navigraph have provided the base navigation data set for SimToolkitPro and the support for integration with app. SimToolkitPro users can use Navigraph subscriptions to keep their navigation data updated every month and access Navigraphs fantastic charts from within the app using the tab system.

UK Virtual

UK Virtual are a community-centric aviation group offering a wide variety of tools and services to users. A huge selection of airlines to fly for along with support for GA flying and charters means something for every sim pilot. A relatively new partner with SimToolkitPro providing information to drive connectivity with external services and improve integration.


Threshold centralises the things you love about flight simulation in one spot. It's your hub for X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator news and discussion and a home for your shopping spree on your favourite airports and aircraft for your sim.