October Development Update

2 years ago

So if you have been following on discord recently you will know I've been unwell which has slowed me down a bit. I'll not go into details of the where, what and why. During the down time there has been a lull in development but it hasn't stopped completely. I'm going to quickly go over everything that's been updated so far along with things that are still in progress for the next update.


Support tickets will be getting cleared after a short backlog whilst I get used to the new system and implement some changes between that and my project tracking to make life a bit easier keeping on top of bugs, so expect tickets to be dealt with shortly!


The mobile app is making progress, currently working to make sure it is "tablet ready" at launch as well as friendly to use on smaller devices. Additionally there has had to be some changes made to the API to support some planned features such as remote mapping and OFP availability.


With the mobile app I'm hoping to release a couple of new website areas that have been "coming soon" for some time. The online logbook viewing and fleet viewing should be ready soon along with some improvements to the data centre system that is still being worked on.


Map type icons are back in 0.8.3. In addition to these changes a number of "cache breaks" have been removed that should improve the responsiveness of some of the API calls and improve performance in some places.

There are some other minor changes planned for this patch that will improve the performance in places and some bug fixes for commonly reported bugs. A number of the component packages have been updated too for security fixes.

I don't yet have a release date for 0.8.3, it will depend on health improvements. I'm hoping it's not too far away though now.

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