Frequent Questions

How is it funded?

SimToolkitPro uses a slipstreamed infrastructure and only stores minimal data on 3rd party servers meaning very low running costs. As such all current running costs are more than covered by out of pocket payments and donations from the community and userbase.

Currently, as of 01/07/2020, SimToolkitPro's monthly running costs are around £100-200 (inclusive of servers and licenses). With continued growth this will rise, but load testing and use of scaling technology will continue to keep the costs reasonable with no degredation of the service. Recent tests show the current infrastructure could handle a 2 to 3 fold increase in traffic before requiring any significant upgrades.

My Data

SimToolkitPro operates on a local-first system where all your data is stored locally, and then the important stuff is backed up to the servers. This approach reduces the required remote storage keeping costs low, meaning nothing is locked behind paywalls. The entire account system is completely optional, you can also symlink your data folder into a Google Drive synchronised folder or One Drive area to keep your data safe instead.


There are no plans to monetise any of the content of SimToolkitPro. There weren't at the start and that continues to be the case. If you are finding SimToolkitPro indispensible and you wish to support the development or contribute towards the running costs you can do here.