Below is a quick list of common issues and fixes. Be sure to check the #known-issues channel in the Discord before seeking support. It can get busy at times! STKP is tested fairly thoroughly, but most testing takes place on a Windows 10 machine with the latest updates, Linux testing is done on Ubuntu and Mac testing is performed on some older Apple hardware.

The usual possible fixes for the issue:

- Restart the simulator and/or STKP;
- Restart your PC;
- Ensure STKP is up-to-date;
- Ensure your OS is up-to-date, including related packages/software;
- Reinstall STKP by downloading the latest version from the website.

Q: Does installing/reinstalling/uninstalling STKP keep my data?

A: Yes, your data is all stored in a file that isn't disturbed during update, reinstall or uninstalls.

Q: My airport ICAO isn't found or recognised

A: STKP runs using Navigraph navigation data and this isn't a complete set of airports. We have recently augmented the data with an external source to improve coverage but smaller and defunct airports may still be missing. Feel free to drop a message in the Discord to get them added to the data set. Data required: Name, Latitude, Longitude, Country, and Airport Status.

Q: I have a waypoint in the wrong place on the map

A: Incorrect waypoint positioning happens occasionally and changes are being made to address them. The best thing for now is to ignore the waypoint and/or remove it from the routing after sending the route and a screenshot into the Discord Support channel so that they can be tested and fixed!

Q: My plan isn't being retrieved from simBrief

A: If you have dispatched a plan or planned a flight on the simBrief website and haven't got a plan back when loading it into STKP, check in the Settings your simBrief Alias is set correctly. This can be found here (you may be asked to log in).

Q: I get an error about SimConnect

A: You probably need to install the SimConnect Library. This can be done in the STKP Settings page under the tab for the sim you are trying to connect to.