Find below a quick list of common issues and fixes. Be sure to check the #known-issues channel in the discord before seeking support. It can get busy at times! STKP is tested fairly thoroughly but most windows testing takes place on a windows 10 build with the latest updates, and linux testing is done on Ubuntu 20.04, Mac testing isn't currently possible so support is incidental.

Below is a section of potential issues and queries along with answers and potential fixes before you jump in the discord.

The usual possible fixes for the issue;

- Restart the simulator and/or STKP
- Restart your PC
- Ensure STKP is upto date
- Ensure your OS is upto date including related packages/software
- Reinstall STKP downloading the latest version from the website

Does installing/reinstalling/uninstalling keep my data;

Yes, your data is all stored in the Documents/SimToolkitPro folder of your OS. This folder isn't disturbed during update, reinstall or uninstalls.

My airport ICAO isn't found or recognised;

STKP runs using Navigraph navigation data and this isn't a complete set of airports. We have recently augmented the data with an external source to improve coverage but smaller airports and defunct airports may still be missing. Feel free to drop a message in to get them added to the data set. Entry required Name, Latitude, Longitude, Country, and Airport Status.

I have a waypoint in the wrong place on the map;

Incorrect waypoint positioning happens occasionally and changes are being made to address them. The best thing for now is to ignore the waypoint or remove it from the routing after sending the route and a screenshot into the #0-6-bug-reports channel on the discord so they can be tested and fixed!

My plan isn't being retrieved from simBrief;

If you have dispatched a plan or planned a flight on the simBrief website and haven't got a plan back when loading it into STKP, check in the settings your simBrief username is set correctly. This is the value you enter to log into the simBrief website.

I get an error about SimConnect;

You probably need to install the library, this can be done in the STKP Settings page under the tab for the sim you are trying to connect to.