SimToolkitPro is a cross simulator set of tools for X-Plane 10/11, FSX and Prepar3D. Featuring a vast array of different features, SimToolkitPro is aimed at all abilities.

Pattern Pro, and a ground up rewrite of STKP!

Pattern Pro, and a ground up rewrite of STKP!

STKP Pattern Pro

STKP Pattern Pro, coming really soon.. I promise!

So Pattern Pro is a small plugin for X-Plane 11 (Win/Lin with Mac coming soon) that helps with traffic pattern practice. It will render a series of rings in the air showing the perfect pattern to fly complete with a status window and optional audible readouts when to make your turns. Below are a couple of inĀ developmentĀ screenshots. The final product will differ!

Pattern Pro will be available in several flight sim stores on release, priced very reasonably.

I will be looking for some testers for Pattern Pro soon so if you are interested in testing it out, drop me a message in the discord – details at the bottom of the post!

It is also designed to be fully compatible with SimToolkitPro which is a great segue into….

STKP Ground up rewrite!?

Yes, a full, from-the-start rewrite of SimToolkitPro.


Simple answer, Mac and Linux support for X-Plane, better mapping, charting and graphing options (not limited by expensive .NET controls or having to write my own), and mainly I can get the UI and UX that it needs.

Longer answer, Better support for all flight sims across OS’s and platforms, more flexibility with UI and how the report data is displayed (trust me it will look so much nicer!), rolling updates for aircraft support rather than bulk patching that is required now. The X-Plane plugin (SimToolkitConnect) will be rewritten too with a bunch of lessons learned from Pattern Pro to improve stability and performance. There’s a contemplation to go around the FSUIPC requirement and work directly with SimConnect SDK for FSX/P3D but that is something i’m researching. Cloud and sync flexibility, transferring settings and configs between instances of STKP are a possibility too. Better integration with online networks and services like navigraph too.

It will still do everything it does now, and will look similar, but with better support for aircraft, streaming updates, navigational overlays for the live map, and a ton more cool stuff I want to make work but would have struggled to within C#.Net. The current build of STKP will receive stability and aircraft database updates right up until the launch of the rewrite too!

I’ll be keeping everyone posted in the discord on the progress of everything, if you aren’t part of it you can be here –

Thanks for all your continued support with STKP. I’m really looking forward to getting this rewrite out to everyone and excited to get Pattern Pro into peoples hands too!