SimToolkitPro is a cross simulator set of tools for X-Plane 10/11, FSX and Prepar3D. Featuring a vast array of different features, SimToolkitPro is aimed at all abilities.

Update Nov 11th –

Some ease of use changes with this one dropping very soon. You now don’t need to manually create the runways.xml file. Just select the install directories and click the generate button. It will also attempt to detect installation directories from the registry. Loading of the navigation data now happens on connection to the simulator. This

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Nov 10th –

A build of all the ones and zeroes – 10/11 – this includes a VAS monitor as requested on AVSim along with a minor overhaul to the layout and UI to better support touch devices. The website has also got a few changes with a navbar button that will appear when I am streaming

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Update Nov 9th

A good number of changes have been made today and we’ve finally got a release version – Click download on the top bar to get it now. Here’s what has been done in the past 24hrs. Added custom output location for Stream txt files Added sync with sim button to send time and weather to

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Update Nov 8th

Managed to fix a good number of minor issues and bulk up on features a little. There is now a full weather setting system for customising all manner of areas of weather for your approach practice. It has been polished up for release within the next day or so in an Alpha state. Below are

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Quick n’ Dirty Site

Throwing up a quick and dirty wordpress blog to post updates on the progress with FSToolkit. Here are the latest screen shots from progress so far. Pictures below! Veeeeerrry early versions right here. Check the features page to see whats in so far and whats coming.