A Significant Bug Splattered – More Development Streaming – 0.1.32

By | 12th June 2018

Hey all, after a flurry of updates I’m really happy to announce that with the rapid feedback from chambof on the Discord, I’ve managed to eradicate one of the bugs affecting the use of SimToolkitPro in a locale that uses a “,” for decimals.

Most of the bug reports seemed to be stemming from France, but similarly other countries using a similar convention. It now seems to have been fixed, the patch is live and is labelled as 0.1.32.

There should be another update enabling the setting of the NAV radio to the ILS frequency for the selected runway that should be done tonight. This will be done in conjunction with a livestream on the twitch channel of the development. Hoping to also improve the compatibility of SimToolkitPro with some payware aircraft too.