SimToolkitPro is a cross simulator set of tools for X-Plane 10/11, FSX and Prepar3D. Featuring a vast array of different features, SimToolkitPro is aimed at all abilities.

What a month.. Big updates, and future additions!

What a month.. Big updates, and future additions!

So November has been super, super busy. We’ve seen the new UI, new welcome screen, in app browser, support for the Flight Factor A320 EFB and the awesome WebFMC plugin. We are now on the community site which has helped grow the user base exponentially. We also have replay playback within the report window with some gauges and graphics to show the aircraft state as you did your approach.

We are now on Patreon too so if you use SimToolkitPro and want to contribute towards the ongoing development you can do that there –

We’ve had numerous fixes and usability improvements and we really are just getting started with what SimToolkitPro will be.

So what is coming next month? Well hopefully by the end of November we will have updates out including a new Airport Info window with more details on there and a new settings system that will stop the requirement to reconfigure everything whenever there is a new patch. 

What about December? I want to be pushing one of the modules I’m most looking forward to in December, the take-off performance calculator, along with deep wiki integration (once I get more content on the wiki), VATSIM/IVAO overlay for the live map, an overhaul of the report browser to make it more useful and less “data”, and the ability to compare similar reports (same runway etc).

That is about everything for this update post, I will try and do these more regularly but its been a very very busy but productive month. Thanks to everyone on, and the Discord for your continued support!


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