UI Improvements in &Upcoming Changes

By | 17th June 2018

Hey all, today’s update brings a fairly sizeable overhaul of the UI for the airport database, chart viewer and incoming weather system. The plan is to make more use of the docking system and slimming down the Airport DB system to make it more user friendly. Both the weather and airport database now occupy side docks, the designs of the forms will continue to be updated to improve usability or based on user feedback.New UI Preview

Further improvements have been made to the way information is captured from the simulators including increasing the data capture resolution when closer to the runway. There are still some discrepancies with the land rates being retrieved from Prepar3D and a couple of bugs too but I’m hoping to have those patched out in the next day or so.

METAR data is now automatically captured when performing a recorded landing, this will be evolving into a system later on allowing you to setup “historical” landings exactly as they were experienced.

The next few days

Over the next few updates I’m hoping to have in the weather presets and the custom weather builder too which will live in the weather panel under their respective tabs, along with fixing the landing rate issues with Prepar3d.

I’m also in the process of setting up a Patreon page. Don’t worry, SimToolkitPro is Free and will continue to be, the Patreon will allow people to contribute to the ongoing development of the software if they find it useful. There will be a bunch of tiers and rewards but I’m still ironing out the details on those for now.

Continued development is pretty much a full time thing now and I’d like to look at getting Authenticode Certificates for signing the application and other payware aircraft to ensure compatibility in the future. The Patreon page will pretty much be the sole provider of these things, flight simming is expensive and that is part of the reason I wanted to make sure SimToolkitPro stays free.

Patreon will allow people that use SimToolkitPro and are in a position to help out, do so, without forcing people to pay for licences.

I’ve had a bunch of support recently from users and people on twitch which is great and it’s certainly keeping me going right now! I’m also super close to getting affiliate status with twitch which is awesome and not something I though I would achieve anytime soon, so a big thanks to people supporting me over there and watching the development streams! I’m planning another stream tonight and potentially be doing some flights too to brush up, so if you are so inclined, head over to twitch.tv/xyligo and drop me a follow to know when I go live!

Any questions feel free to join the discord and drop me a message! https://discord.gg/kkRFz2

Thanks again!