Nov 18th – The weekend ahead

So after a hectic couple of days on a personal level, we are looking at a weekend of playing catchup with the X-Plane build. After ironing a couple of bugs out on the FSX/P3D build, this weekend will be partially dedicated to getting the X-plane build upto a similar spec feature wise. I will hopefully… Read More »

FSToolkit For X-Plane

OK so quick update again circling 5am, following a quick update earlier to FSToolkit adding in pushback and the new approach screen layout, work has started on the X-Plane version. The X-Plane version will feature a metro style UI that will be backported to FSToolkit in the near future to modernise the user experience and… Read More »

Nov 14th – Roadmap sort of update

Update: So after much poking and searching around, it seems that the most appropriate course for supporting X-Plane to the fullest will be to separate plugin that focuses fully on it. The reasons are listed below. 32/64Bit differences:  By creating 2 versions of FSToolkit I no long have to worry about dll compatibility other issues that… Read More »

Update 2 – Nov 13th –

Quick QOL improvement update. Landing recorder will auto start if the checkbox is set in the approach tab. Landing recorder will auto detect crashes and stop and VASMonitor and FPS have been bundled into the settings page.

Nov 13th Update

Grading has landed. Puns aside, all logged landings are now graded on several areas. These are visible on the output reports in the tab. They can be viewed in FSToolkit by selecting from the list or you can browse the directory they are stored in and print them out. There is now some basic aircraft… Read More »

Update Nov 12th

Landing reports have been overhauled. Landing reports will now output a HTML report that is stored in the application folder. All historical reports can be accessed from the landing tab. This system will be fleshed out more over time. With this UI change Centreline deviation and total distance to stop have been added aswell. To… Read More »

Discord Support Group

I’ve setup a support group/server on Discord for getting immediate help and support (when i’m online). Click the Discord logo or here to access it.  

Update Nov 11th –

Some ease of use changes with this one dropping very soon. You now don’t need to manually create the runways.xml file. Just select the install directories and click the generate button. It will also attempt to detect installation directories from the registry. Loading of the navigation data now happens on connection to the simulator. This… Read More »