June 2018 Update – 0.1.24 – Back on Track

By | 11th June 2018

Hey all, I posted a more long winded update on the Discord and I’ll post a shortened tl;dr here. Unfortunately life happening halted the development of SimToolkitPro earlier last year, I’ve managed to get most of that in order now so I can return to development pretty much full time on it.

This update, which will require a fresh download from the download page, is a roundup of bug fixes and some refactoring of the code to improve development.

There have been some minor improvements to the landing recorder too to improve the data resolution and make sure the reports are generated from accurate data.

The gallery has also been updated with some new screenshots as the previous images stopped working. The roadmap has also been updated and will continue to be updated as development continues. I will also be continuing to stream development of STKP over on twitch at twitch.tv/xyligo.

The Plan

The next few updates will be targeting the crashes that I’ve been receiving crash dumps for. Then I will be looking at improving memory footprint and the loading of data. I’m planning to remove the dependency on Navigraph data for STAR approaches too by transforming that dataset to something more usable.