SimToolkitPro is a cross simulator set of tools for X-Plane 10/11, FSX and Prepar3D. Featuring a vast array of different features, SimToolkitPro is aimed at all abilities.

July SITREP – Upcoming updates, Flight Sim 2018 and Streaming

July SITREP – Upcoming updates, Flight Sim 2018 and Streaming

Hey all, been a little while since the last update here, but work has been continuing and we are now at version with just around the corner!

Upcoming Changes

So the next few updates are going to add the following.

Weather Presets – METAR based weather that should provide a uniform experience across simulators.
Help System – Some basic help for using STKP. I often overlook the fact that this application can be overwhelming to use initially.
Report System Expansion – The report system will be expanded over the next couple of updates to allow “cloning state”. So you can setup the simulator to match the conditions of a previously recorded approach.

This is just the next immediate updates, for a more comprehensive look at what is coming, check out the public trello roadmap here.

Flight Sim 2018

I will be attending Flight Sim 2018, not as a vendor/business, but ill hopefully be about in a STKP t-shirt with some stuff to giveaway to try and raise awareness of the application. Let me know if you will be attending and i’ll make sure to catch you there!


I’m trying to stream as often as possible over on twitch, so make sure you are following, a link to the channel is here. I will be streaming development of STKP alongside some flights in X-Plane as I desperately try to become a competent simulator pilot, there’s some great regulars in chat too!

Finally, Patreon update.

I’m struggling to find some worthwhile reward tiers for the Patreon page so its coming but I’m not sure when at this point, most of the text is done, and I’m trying to come up with a concept for a promotional video that isn’t going to cost the earth to make!

Thanks again for your continued support!


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