OK. A quick run down of the requirements, what SimToolkitPro does and will do in the future.

  • Landing Reporting
    • Centreline Deviation
    • Descent Rate Charts
    • Touchdown Speed and Rate
    • Stopping Distances from Touchdown
  • Approach Practice System
    • Setup and Practiced an approach at any runway in world
    • Straight In Finals
    • Base Approaches
    • Downwind Approaches
    • Vectored/Intercept Approaches
    • All fully customisable leg lengths,  speeds and altitudes
    • Configure your aircraft automatically from the UI
  • Scenarios
    • Practice some prebuilt scenarios such as the tricky Inssbruck DME approach, the Checkerboard Approach to Kai Tak or the infamous Maderia landing
    • Create your own and share them
  • Scenery Manager
    • Manage scenery and load order for scenery files in FSX/P3D and X-Plane
  • Live Map
    • Live mapping and tracking of flights
  • Streaming Tools
    • Landing rate announcer bot (will have more features in future)
    • Streaming outputs for OBS with live flight data
  • Failures System
    • Randomised and planned failures system

Features may be added and removed, I’m also looking to release a Mac version in the future for X-Plane exclusively to bridge the platform gap there, but I don’t have the setup to test that adequately at the moment.

Current Requirements (FSX/P3D)

  • FSUIPC (Full I think will require testing with free version)
  • Prepar3D V3 and FSX Steam Edition (Tested)
  • Runways.xml file built with the MakeRwys script.

Current Requirements (X-Plane 10/11)

  • None currently. Navigation data is built from X-Plane supplied data. A connector plugin is installed through the settings page.

Current Limitations

  • For approach/landing practice, the aircraft needs to be in a running state. Engines must be started and essentially ready to take off at a bare minimum.
  • If you set a distant approach for a cold and dark A320, its going to have one hell of a descent rate.