A short page of the most common questions and some of the questions I feel may pop up.

Q: What is smartscreen and why is SimToolkitPro triggering it?

A: Smartscreen is a filter that Microsoft uses to attempt to protect end users from malicious code. To get “trusted” by Microsoft requires signing your application and obtaining a certificate. Unfortunately the style of application SimToolkitPro is (Click-once) which will self update when a newer version is available, isn’t supported as it would require regularly re certifying the app.

Another option is an expensive publisher certificate which is out of reach of a hobby developer like myself. This will be much less of an issue once SimToolkitPro’s source is released onto github in the near future.

Q: Does SimToolkitPro “phone home” or require an online connection to work?

A: An internet connection is only required for installation and updating. The app will function perfectly well after initial installation when there is no internet connection available. When there is a connection available the app will attempt to update whenever started to make sure you are always up to date.

There is no “phone home” code in SimToolkitPro.

Q: Can you add….?

A: Probably… Yes, drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do.