FAQs and Common Issues

Installation/Updating NavData

SimToolkitPro is provided with navigation cycle 1812 by Navigraph. Navigraphs official FMS Data manager will detect and update SimToolkitPro's navigation database as you would other simulator addons. To manually update SimToolkitPro see below.

Manual Install

For a manual data install head over to the Manual Install page and download the packaged download for "SimToolkitPro v0.4"

Once downloaded drag the navdata folder and index file from the zip file into the SimToolkitPro folder in your documents folder. Replace any files it overwrites

Connection Issues (X-Plane)

For connection issues with X-Plane 11, please ensure the following:

  • The plugin is installed in your X-Plane plugins folder (stkpconnect)
  • That both the X-Plane directory and Plugin are shown as installed and ok on the Dashboard
  • That the X-Plane connection settings in the settings page are correct for your configuration

For local connections the host should be "" or "localhost" and the port will normally be 51303. Port should not be changed unless you have configured port forwarding and are connecting through a router that is setup for it.

For network connections the host should be set to the hostname or IP address of the computer running X-Plane on the network.

If you continue to have connection issues under Settings > X-Plane find the Run Connection Test button. If there are no obvious reasons for the connection issue contact the support discord for help!

Flight Planning with SimToolkitPro and Simbrief

Below are the steps to ensure you are ready for flight planning.

  • You have a SimBrief account (This is free)
  • Your SimToolkitPro Navdata is at the same cycle number as SimBrief (Can be found on the SimBrief site in the top right under "Update Airac")
  • You have entered your SimBrief username in the SimBrief tab of the settings page.

With all that entered and setup you can begin to create your flight plans through SimToolkitPro. If you have issues creating plan after ensuring all of the above has been checked, contact the support discord for help!

Startup Issues

Due to the amount of data processed the initial startup can be a little slow. X-Plane 11 users will have the custom scenery folder scanned for active packages to ensure taxi mapping, stand positions and taxiway data is accurate.

A new debugging system will log most issues and errors so if you have problems send it over to the developers in the official discord. The debug.log file is found in your documents folder under SimToolkitPro.