FAQs and Common Issues

Free.. Really?

Yes, SimToolkitPro and all included tools (and some future ones) are and will continue to be provided for free. There are plans for 2 complex modules that will be developed once SimToolkitPro matures some and these will be available for one-time purchase and will be very reasonably priced.

SimToolkitPro hangs on a white or loading screen at startup and won't progress.

Find and remove the SimToolkitPro in your roaming AppData folder. The quickest way to find this is use the windows key + r to open the run dialog, enter %appdata% and press enter. Find and delete the entire SimToolkitPro folder and start the app again. This will reset your settings, but will retain all of your reports.

Connected to X-Plane but no data being recorded.

This is an ongoing issues. Usually resolved by restarting SimToolkitPro with X-Plane already running. A fix will be shipped as soon as it is available.