Evolution of FsToolkit

By | 14th December 2016

Hey a bit of an update for the few that have been watching FsToolkit over the past few weeks.

So FsToolkit swiftly split into 2 versions, one for FSX/P3D on 32Bit and one for Xplane on 64Bit. This originally seemed to be the best approach to the issue of multiple architectures and very different interfaces.

This was manageable at first but has quickly become a mammoth task to keep updated as a one man dev team. So I turned the project on it’s head.

I’ve already posted some info on the Discord support chat but both the FsToolkit versions will be replaced in the near future by FsToolkitPro.

Now lets get the immediate elephant out of the way. “Pro” does not mean paid for – It will still be 100% free. Pro is referring to a more complete suite of tools, aimed squarely at giving me a maintainable codebase that functions equally well with Xplane and FSX/P3D as platforms.

So far, I’ve managed to make a generic sim connector that can talk to both XPlane and FSX/P3D based on its current connection. You tell it to get the aircrafts’ location and it will decide how to do that based on which simulator it is connected to and provide a generic location object regardless.

So far, there is a functional LiveMap, with tracking that works with Google Terrain Maps or Bing Satellite maps (Screenshots in the gallery below), I have the ability to set the location of the aircraft and plan to add in all the previously available functionality including the Twitch Bot, Landing Reporting, Weather Management, and an airport/runway database including all the useful information I can get. I’d love to get charting in too, but this is a long way off. The interface is fully dockable and can be undocked entirely from the main application too.

tl;dr So to summarise, Both current versions being replaced with FsToolkitPro, Still Free, works both 32bit and 64bit, Xplane 10/11 and FSX/P3D, better functionality and I royally cocked up initially with the initial design decisions. So hands up to that one and onwards we go!

Some pictures so far – http://imgur.com/a/y4fLQ

Note: thats not my centreline following that’s the XP10/11 AI, apparently avoiding potholes or something!

Thanks again for the continued support and ideas!

Live Map – https://youtu.be/TMrJ1JqRaZY XP10/P3D switching – https://youtu.be/JJhs0WIaXQM