Download SimToolkitPro for X-Plane 11 (v0.1.9) Here


If you want a 32bit version for running on a networked device that doesn't support 64bit, you can get a 32bit build here.

This is an early access release of the promised multiplatform rewrite. It currently is windows only but will be released for Mac and Linux soon. If you wish to continue using the Classic version there is a download link below.


  • Fully automatic detection and plugin installer
  • Automatic sim connection
  • Network connection support
  • Full Airport Database
  • Landing and Approach practice system with weather presets
  • Flight plan overlay on live map
  • Network flight viewer supporting VATSIM/IVAO and Pilotedge
  • Swift Clean UI Mod installer
  • Wind calculator with real weather lookup
  • Navaid viewer and information
  • Tiered update system (not automatic)

Coming Soon

  • Mac and Linux Support
  • Prepar3D version
  • X-Plane Scenery Manager
  • X-Plane Livery Manager
  • Custom aircraft profiles
  • Full flight plan viewer with SID/STAR parsing

Coming Later

  • 2 premium plugins (Pattern Pro/Take Off Performance Tool)

There will be bugs but once reported they will be added to a list and the fix shipped asap.


Download SimToolkitPro Classic (XP10/XP11/P3D)

The current classic version can be downloaded with the link above. This is a windows only app that is no longer supported. Prepar3D support will be coming to the new version soon.