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Jan 17th – Alpha Update 3 and “Record This”

Hey update time again. So a quiet couple of days as i’ve been fixing bugs and adding new features to the alpha. Today’s update 3 featured a rewrite of the Airport Database, there have been some reported issues with performance, but the overall experience should be better. This rewrite includes the addition of the STAR… Read More »

Jan 15th – SimToolkitPro Alpha Launch

SimToolkitPro has entered public alpha. It can be downloaded from the Download page. It will receive regular patches, the crash reporter does work and is important to pushing development forward. Please communicate discrepancies in data to me in any way that is convenient, reddit message (/u/xyligo) or the discord support group linked above. Thanks for your… Read More »

Update 9th – LiveEdu Streaming

Hey hey, that time again. I will be wrapping up development streams on my twitch and broadcasting development over on I will continue to stream my simming experiences over on twitch but all SimToolkitPro development will now be on my channel – Cheers all and hope to see you there!

Update 8th Jan – Trello and Remote Control!

Quick update tonight, there is now a public Trello board featuring the roadmap for initial release and followup alpha releases. This can be accessed from the top menu or clicking below. The Trello roadmap will be updated frequently to reflect changes in the development path based on new features and requested changes from the sim… Read More »

So.. SimToolkitPro

Firstly, Happy New Year and welcome to 2017. Its been quiet over the holidays for obvious reasons but changes are afoot. Secondly the name change.   (yes still free) SimToolkitPro is the new name for FsToolkitPro. The main reason is to remove the obvious lean towards FSX and P3D (e.g. FSPassengers & FS2Crew). SimToolkitPro will fully… Read More »

Evolution of FsToolkit

Hey a bit of an update for the few that have been watching FsToolkit over the past few weeks. So FsToolkit swiftly split into 2 versions, one for FSX/P3D on 32Bit and one for Xplane on 64Bit. This originally seemed to be the best approach to the issue of multiple architectures and very different interfaces.… Read More »

X-Plane 11 has landed

X-Plane 11 has finally joined us. The next few days will be full of compatibility testing with FsToolkit and hopefully bringing it upto speed. There will be some more updates for the FSX/P3D version too to backport some of the new functionality that is in the X-Plane version. Fly Safe, Dan

FsToolkit for X-Plane Update – 23rd Nov

I have this moment just published a patch for the testers of the X-Plane version. It will now have failures, better approach setup physics handling and scenarios. Scenarios are a new addition that will again make it back in to the FSX/P3D build when it matures somewhat. Scenarios allows you to be placed on a… Read More »

Good news all round

So firstly, today the FSX and Prepar3D version shipped with the new UI backported from the X-Plane build. In addition to that some much needed bug fixes. Next good news, the X-Plane version is now supporting Downwind, Base and Straight finals. Something currently missing from the FSX/Prepar3D version but this will be moved over very… Read More »