Update for July 2019

So its been a while since the last update and much has changed.

The list of new features is extensive, a few of the new features are listed below.

  • Flight Plan parsing and display
  • New weather layers for precipitation and wind data
  • Streaming tools overhaul including a new overlay
  • Basic Prepar3D support
  • Checklist system
  • Much better map features
  • SimBrief integration for latest OFP, VATSIM Prefile and and exporting of FMS files
  • A full real weather injector with winds aloft and turbulence
  • Approach detection to stop weather updates
  • A seperate network flight viewer and explorer
  • A localisation engine
  • More that I am probably forgetting!
  • A ton of usability updates

There is a growing community for STKP and the discord is growing every day with active users providing great suggestions and feedback. Be sure to join to keep up with the latest changes and upcoming updates, you can use the Support Discord link at the top of the page to join us!

The Future

There have been a ton of great suggestions recently, most of which will eventually make it into the toolkit. Below are a highlight of what is planned and coming soon...

  • Dark Theme to match the dark map!
  • Taxiway viewer, potentially implemented as a seperate viewer or may be integrated into the livemap system
  • Localisation tools
  • Camera system with "auto director"
  • Scenery/Library management
  • Mac and Linux versions are coming, I just have some build kinks to work out!
  • IVAO/VATSIM ATC viewer
  • Airspace Boundary layers for mapping

All tools where possible will be made available for Prepar3D too.

Let me know what you want to see and we'll do what we can to sort it out. I want SimToolkitPro to be indispensible and we are getting there! Thanks to all who have downloaded and continue to use and support SimToolkitPro, and those who are active in the discord with ideas bugs and feedback, you've got this tool to where it is today!

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