So new website and a large announcement to kick things off!

Pattern Pro Changes

So Pattern Pro was going to be a seperate standalone plugin for X-Plane and sold as a download and seperate "entity" to SimToolkitPro but working completely with it for the Landing Reporting system. This is now going to no longer be the case. Pattern Pro will be a purchasable module for STKP and will be part of the rewrite. It does mean it will no longer be independant of STKP, however it does mean that it will now be network capable and potentially supported for P3D as well as X-Plane.

STKP Rewrite Progress Update (Feb 5th)

SimToolkitPro is now communicating in both directions with X-Plane and the placement is now far more controlled and precise and doesn't have a sudden surge when placing the aircraft on approach. I'm hoping to have a couple of screenshots showcasing the new Report layout later this week too.

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