0.2.9 has landed and its packed..

This is quite a sizeable update and brings a lot of new tools and updates to SimToolkitPro. I'll try and cover everything here, but there is going to be a lot that isn't covered here. Most of the "Future" updates from the July blog post have actually made it in.

As such a large amount has changed, there will no doubt be some teething issues. If you encounter any problems let me know in the Support Discord and we will get them patched!

Navdata System

Now rocking a fully fledged navdata system that can be updated by navigraph. There is a gif in the patch notes of SimToolkitPro showing how to set this up as there is no offical update support currently. I'm hoping to have this soon!

Additionally when navdata is installed SimToolkitPro will create a cache from it and your custom scenery to make sure the Stands, Runways and Taxiways you see in the sim are reflected on the live map.

Taxiway Helper

When connected to the simulator and zoomed in on the live map you can view all stands, taxiways and runways for the sim version of the airport. You can select a Stand, or Runway to get a route to follow along with a text readout. You can also create a custom taxi route by clicking "Add waypoints" and clicking on the map.

You can view any airports taxiways and runways by zooming in on it with the live map. You won't be able to taxi from Heathrow to Luton though!

No more scrambling for taxi charts when you roll off the high speed exit and try to work out where you are parking.


The live map will now show VATSIM/IVAO ATC controllers that are online as a toggleable layer. Currently only airport based controllers are covered and sector and centres are absent. This will be added in a future patch!

Dark Mode

A full client dark theme is a toggle away in the settings page for those long night flights.

ETE calculation

This is a test module for a new method of calculating ETE for use in the streaming overlay, but works as a good estimate for flight length when using SimToolkitPro's plan viewer to view and adjust your flight.

Flight Summary Page

Get all the information you need about your flight, with a scratchpad for ATC notes. SimBrief OFP, routing, departure and destination METAR and TAFs, all in one place.

New Installer

Not super big news but the new installer is no longer a "one-click" installer, but you can now customise the install location. That brought the challenge of making sure data was moved to accomodate read/write permissions, but you can now install SimToolkitPro where you want.

Network Changes

All the features mentioned will work with SimToolkitPro on a networked device other than the one running the simulator. Simply check the host is correct in the X-Plane specific settings (the ip or hostname of the simulator computer). For weather updates over network and the ability to parse custom scenery over the network you will need to share the X-Plane install folder and either set the install folder with SimToolkitPro to either a mapped drive or a "UNC" path to the sim. (\\\MyXplaneInstallShare). For more information on this ask in the support discord. The manual is currently being updated for the many many changes!

Performance Updates

There have been plenty of code changes and restructuring of data to try and maximise the speed. This is an ongoing process so can only hope to improve it with more updates.

All in all about 30% of the codebase has changed in this update and I was very close to calling this 0.3.0 but there more features planned for that one! If you have any suggestions or criticisms let me know, I try to be as receptive to ideas and suggestions as I can as this toolkit isn't for me, I want to know what you want to see in SimToolkitPro!

You can grab 0.2.9 on the download page here

The Full Changelog

  • [FIX] Fixed updates of overlay variables on streaming page
  • [FIX] Fixed SimBrief export redirect issue
  • [FIX] Airport data fix for overlaps of information and missing airports
  • [FIX] Fixed layout bug on Airport Info page
  • [FIX] Fixed path issue opening streaming output when folder path contained spaces
  • [FIX] Fixed network plan display routing bug
  • [FIX] Range ring state now remembered on the live map
  • [FIX] Reworked plugin hash check to stop the hang on dashboard loading
  • [FIX] Fixed network flight icon offset
  • [FIX] Fixed bug where network flight plans colour didnt save
  • [FIX] Live map won't redraw every update, only when data moves or bounds change
  • [FIX] Adjusted wrapping constraints for route planner (stops round the planet mapping)
  • [FIX] Fixed runway bounds clipping issue
  • [NEW] Customise streaming overlay accent colour
  • [NEW] Added 2 more map sources
  • [NEW] New datastore for boundary and feature data for airports
  • [NEW] New network data loading system
  • [NEW] New internal patch notes storage
  • [NEW] Range rings can now be customised for GA/Airliner appropriate distances in the live map settings
  • [NEW] Add your VATSIM/IVAO id in the settings to hide your own flights from the live map
  • [NEW] Added both altimeter readouts to airport info page
  • [NEW] New installer with custom install location
  • [NEW] Moved localistion information to prevent permissions errors
  • [NEW] Moved stream overlay data to prevent permissions errors
  • [NEW] Changes to the map icons and popups for better performance and information display
  • [NEW] Map search by ICAO
  • [NEW] Checklist entries can now have colours assigned to them
  • [NEW] AIRAC based navdata, and as a result a number of improvements to the performance of the live map and routing system
  • [NEW] New network data proxy for VATSIM, IVAO, PE
  • [NEW] Navdata is checked against SimBrief imported plans
  • [NEW] Custom exporter for Rotate MD80. All simbrief exports will be replaced with exports that support non SimBrief plans in a future patch.

So where from here..

This update is quite a feature list but there is still plenty to come. Planned for the next feature update are the SimBrief dispatch frontend allowing you to plan, dispatch, view, brief and monitor your flights all in one place. Sector support for IVAO and VATSIM for visual feedback on coverage as well as feedback when planning your flight on ATC coverage throughout. Some other unnannounced tools are coming too, but theres not much to say about those at the moment.

Till the next blog! Fly safe.


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