0.4.0 has brought in official navigation data support from Navigraph and will allow updating from their FMS Data Manager. Expect a good number of hotfixes over the next few days of release as bugs pop up.

What has changed

There is quite a change log attached to 0.4.0 it can be viewed with the patch notes button on the app dashboard too.

  • Primarily a brand new navdata system with greater detail and more information.
  • New settings system thats based on a database and should fix the black/white screen loading issues.
  • A new flight plan parsing engine to support the new navdata system, this includes automatically parsing SIDS/STARS and will best guess transitions where plausible.
  • Airport database now has some slight UI changes and includes more detailed runway information including slope data.
  • The live map has had some performance changes and improvements to PilotEdge support
  • IVAO/VATSIM ATC support has been improved but is still not perfect if you encounter discrepencies with coverage maps let me know and we'll get it fixed.
  • A huge amount of "under the hood" changes to support the new navdata system

What hasn't quite made it?

First of all lets quickly address features that either haven't quite made the 0.4.0 release or have been removed.

  • Some promise updates to the approach system haven't been included and just require a bit more polish before release.
  • Advanced flight plan changes (such as removing waypoints) is not present in the inital 0.4.0 release but will return once i'm happy with the stability of the new Flight Plan parsing system.
  • FMS Exporting is only available for simBrief generated flight in 0.4.0 this will be changed in a later patch.

What is coming next

I'm still working to improve support for Prepar3D, I'm going to be adding some of the visual procedure UI from the previous version back into this version once I'm happier with the stability of things.

  • Visual/assisted procedures selection
  • ATIS system revamp
  • Approach tool redesign and expansion
  • Logbook importer for transferring/consolidating your logbook from other tools
  • Logbook exports

A lot lot more too.

If you have any issues, suggestions or questions get in touch on the SimToolkitPro support discord

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