SimToolkitPro is a cross simulator set of tools for X-Plane 10/11, FSX and Prepar3D. Featuring a vast array of different features, SimToolkitPro is aimed at all abilities.

Big Update – Oct 18

Big Update – Oct 18

So its been a little while since the last update on here, but there are still being patches pushed.

Most recently is the addition of “Circuit mode”. Previously the landing recorder would have require you to come to a complete stop on the runway before producing your report. Now if you are doing circuit training, you can select Circuit mode and a report will produced every touchdown.

We now don’t rely on the sims reported vertical speed at landing as depending on the frame we capture this can vary greatly. So now we increase data polling resolution when you get close to the ground and then use gathered data to determine an accurate vertical speed when you touchdown.

Other UI changes will greatly improve usability and we now remember the last airport you searched for. X-Plane installations will be autodetected on startup (Prepar3D and FSX will be supported with auto config soon).

The approach system will now get the current aircraft you have loaded from the simulator and perform some basic configuration when opened, setting default ground speed more relative to your aircraft type. This currently supports most default aircraft and will send a report when it encounters a new one so support can be added for any missing in the future.

The next large update will be the support for network mode, allowing you to run SimToolkitPro on a secondary device and talk to another copy running on your simulator machine in server mode, news and updates on this will be posted as we progress is made. Work will be carried out on this alongside the weather system which has been delayed to try and improve consistency across simulator platforms.





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