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The weather system in SimToolkitPro is designed to create a platform independent way of interacting with the weather systems of FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane. It consists of 3 methods for setting weather conditions in the simulator you are connected to.


Get Real Weather

Does just what it says. Using's

API will retrieve real world METAR for the given ICAO. This weather data is then adapted as required and injected into the simulator.

FSX and Prepar3D will accept a slightly modified version of the METAR string directly but X-Plane 10 and 11 require the METAR to be parsed and the weather built manually. SimToolkitPro takes care of all of this, automatically parsing and making sure the correct weather is sent to the simulator.


Weather presets are a selection of predetermined weather situations that can be loaded into the simulator. These presets will load in a preset METAR string into the parsing engine and update the sim as needed.

CAVOK 00000MPS 50SM SKC 15/05 Q1019
Scattered 00000MPS 50SM SCT024 17/07 Q1019
Broken Cloud 00000MPS 10SM BKN037 17/07 Q1019
Overcast 00000MPS 4000 OVC056 19/07 Q1019
Raining 00000MPS 1000 +RA OVC056 19/07 Q1019
Stormy 12005MPS 0400 +RA OVC056 19/07 Q1019
Thunderstorm 12005MPS 0400 +TS +RA OVC100 22/12 Q1019
Snowing 12005MPS 0600 +SN OVC120 M12/01 Q1019

These METAR presets are just a baseline and I would love user input to either fine tune or elaborate on the amount of presets available. Ultimately I would like to have the ability to save out configured weather to a set of custom presets.

Custom Weather

The custom weather panel will allow you to tailor conditions to your liking. Setup multiple cloud layers, set temperature, weather conditions and time of day to your liking. There will be a function to save a weather setup to a preset in future once custom presets are in and working.