Jan 13th Update – Screengrabs and the impending Alpha

By | 13th January 2017

Hey guys,

Friday morning update for you all. There is now a gallery of screenshots you can view of the current development state. What you see there will pretty much be exactly what will be present in the Alpha that will hopefully be live this weekend.

I expect a good deal of bugs as this was a full rewrite of the toolkit borrowing only minor parts of the FsToolkit codebase and trying to support FSX/FSXSE/P3D/Xplane10 and Xplane11!

Performance will be slow in places but will improve with further releases. Patches will be regular, and can and will introduce bugs as well as fixing others. Feel free to drop me a message on reddit /u/xyligo or using the SimToolkitPro Discord group, the link for which is at the top of the page!

Enjoy your weekend!