2019 has been a fantastic year of growth and development for SimToolkitPro growing from relative obscurity to over 500 active users daily.

2020 is going to continue the rapid development cycle users have come to expect with some exciting features planned!


Starting January 2020 right with the 0.5 release on or around January 3rd. This update will include fixes, a new fleet system, updates to the checklist editor, airframe management, accessibility updates and UI changes. It also takes Prepar3D support to official level. It is still lacking WX injection and the approach tool but there are a ton of improvements in usability and support.

Logbook importing from other services will appear through the 0.5.X cycle along with changes and improvements to the approach tool. Landing reports will be expanded to include more details about touchdown location relative to the runway and condition information. Backup and sync support should appear before 0.6 pending some infrastructure changes to enable it.

0.5 should be accompanied (or shortly after) by a feature update video explaining most of the features of SimToolkitPro along with some usage tips. Its difficult to keep up with documentation on a solo project like this that changes at the rate SimToolkitPro does! Once features settle down they will be documented officially.

Beyond 0.5

Planned updates for 0.6 and onward will see huge improvements across all the modules. Focusing on improvements to the weather injection system, improving resolution and tracking, then the long awaited performance calculator, multiplayer support and better integration with all the flight sim networks.

Each update and patch delivers improvments in performance, usability and functionality based on the fantastic feedback and suggestions given on the official support discord. The Discord has grown exponentially in the past few weeks as SimToolkitPro has a seen a surge in new users over the holiday period, I continue to provide as much support as I can but I'm looking to add a couple of moderators to help keep channels on topic and answer some of the more common queries that crop up. This should happen in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you to everyone who has given suggestions, feedback, bug reports and has helped raise awareness for the project in the past year, you've helped shaped SimToolkitPr into the what it is today!

Have a great new year, and I'll see you in 0.5!


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