It's been almost exactly a week since the rewrite of SimToolkitPro so its a good time to look at whats changed in this busy week, and whats to come from this point on.

Patches and Changes

In the week since launch, we've added a 32bit build for use on lower powered devices for use over networks. Added alternate map providers, fixed up a bunch of bugs and implemented some community suggestions.

Internal databases systems have been rewritten to improve performance, we've got the Livery System, Streaming outputs and a new mapping UI. Its certainly been a very busy few days getting things on track. I've had to update development processes to adjust a bit but things have gone pretty well so far.

Coming Up

This weekend will be a little quiet do to other engagements, but from Tuesday next week patches will carry on. Planned next updates are the Weather System overhaul to add Real Weather and Preset options. Also looking at adding custom data sources (Virtual Airline entries to the Airline Database), a map layer for North Atlantic Tracks (with others to follow), and a full flight plan overlay system with selectable SID/STARs and vias.

I'm very excited for the future of SimToolkitPro and am very thankful to anyone who has provided feedback or bugs and been patient with me getting things fixed! If anyone has any questions or suggestions drop by the discord and let me know! 0.1.8 should be dropping early next week and I am hoping to be doing more streaming over on twitch of my own flights and development work so be sure to follow me!

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